Facebook Buys WhatsApp


WhatApps one of the most widely known application all around the world is acquired by Facebook today. Facebook bought popular messaging application WhatsApp for a whooping sum of $19 billion. Facebook who bought photo-sharing service Instagram for about $700 million in 2012, has been adding … [Read more...]

Remove facebook from windows phone

Windows phone provides a great interface for people who want to get regular updates from social netwoking sites Facebook and Twitter. You can directly add your facebook, twitter and other social networking sites directly to your phone and can get updates directly from contacts. If you are planning … [Read more...]

How to delete facebook account Permanently

Deleting your Facebook account is not that much simple as you think. Once you place request to delete your account your account will be deactivated for 2 weeks.  If you logged to your account or tried to login to your account within these 2 weeks the request you placed for deleting your Facebook … [Read more...]

How to Unfriend Someone on Facebook

how to unfriend a person in facebook

There may be many reasons to unfriend a friend may be he is annoying, you may add him unknowingly, he is posting junk or nonsense etc. What ever it may be facebook has one nice feature where you can unfriend anyone without knowing him in other words remove friends from facebook. This really helps … [Read more...]

Delete about.me account-Remove About.me account

delete about me account

delete about.me account is very simple when it compares to rest of the networks. It is a cute portal where you can create your own page where you can describe you and your work. If you feel it annoying and not useful you can simply delete your About.me account in few steps. Let us see how you can … [Read more...]

How to delete slideshare account-Remove Slide share account

delete Slide share account

SlideShare is one beautiful site where you can share and follow lots of presentations. It is one such useful site started by Indian Rashmi Sihna. On May 3, 2012, SlideShare announced that it was to be acquired by LinkedIn. You can create your account using LinkedIn or using your facebook account. If … [Read more...]

FaceBook introduced Graph Search Friends, Photos : What is it ?


Facebook today comes up with another interesting feature Graph Search a better and advanced way to search things among your Facebook friends. You can directly search people who live in my city, friends who love chocolate ice cream, friends who are not married which gives a list of your fiends who … [Read more...]

How to terminate the account in WHM cPanel


In one of my previous article I explained about how to create a new account in WHM Cpanel. By mistake if you did that wrong or if you want to terminate a already existing account this tutorial will helps you to terminate an existing account easily. Let us see how to terminate an account in simple … [Read more...]

How to create a new account in WHM cPanel


So you took a new reseller hosting and you are planning to create a new account for your customer. This is a small and basic tutorial which helps you to create a new account in WHM cPanel. Before creating a new account it is better to create a new package inside your WHM. For example you can create … [Read more...]

Unlock Pattern Lock Android tablet-Phone


Do you keep password/PIN/pattern for securing your Samsung Galaxy Tab or any other android phone and you forgot the password ? Don't worry this simple trick helps you you in unlocking your android device in official manner no need to go to Samsung store or open tab (if you are planning to do). Let … [Read more...]