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Do you keep password/PIN/pattern for securing your Samsung Galaxy Tab or any other android phone and you forgot the password ? Don’t worry this simple trick helps you you in unlocking your android device in official manner no need to go to Samsung store or open tab (if you are planning to do). Let us have a quick look about how to unlock your android phone.

Unlock: Forgot Pattern on Samsung galaxy

What you need is like you should remember your Google user ID, password which was associated with your android device.


1. Open your android phone and come to screen where you could able to see the below screen.

2. Draw your pattern 4-5 time continuously so that after those attempts you android phone asks you to wait for 30 seconds to draw your next pattern.

3. Then you could able to see a screen where you can find an option called forgot password.

4. Then provide your Google ID/Password associated with your Android Device. If your username and password is correct it will unlock.

5. Don’t forget to change your pattern once logged in.

If you forgot your Google ID and password it is better to reset your password from the same screen or via web.

If you even forgot everything including username the only option is to reset your android Device from root. Factory reset which is normally done through a simple button combination that is different for each phone. For Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 hold “Volume Down + Power” for 10 seconds. Screen will appear with standard Droid recovery icon. Select it with volume down key & press volume up to enter. Now, you’re in recovery mode from where you can factory reset your device.

If you are using any other devicesĀ  you can identify the factory reset instructions from your phone manufacturer or cell phone service provider at no charge


  1. As Samsung Galaxy getsconnected to internet even it is locked. So it is easy to recover the password. But in some Android device, internet connection is not possible.
    In this case if you have forgotten the password then I would suggest check the following link to recover the password.

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