How to add facebook like box to wordpress blog / website

Adding facebook like box to your blog or website is very easy. You can promote your blog over facebook through this like box. Facebook itself provides some social plugins so that you can add it on any blog or website in less than couple of minutes. Let us see how to add facebook like box to your website or wordpress blog.

Go to the below link for Facebook social plugins

Link::  Click here to go to facebook like box application


You could able to see an application as shown in the above picture. Specify your facebook page URL, width, header etc. Click Get Code to generate code for the settings you specified.

Facebook will generate two codes one is iframe and the other in XFBML. Copy XFBML code as it is more dynamic, fast compared to iframe.

Paste the above code in your website at desired position.

If you are using wordpress place the above copied code in widgets-> Text  and then save.

Update: This is how I placed code in my wordpress blog A New Tab, have a look

I just copied the code and placed here


  1. Hi and thanks for this. Unfortunately the WordPress directions you give don’t seem to work on my blog? I paste the code in >text but it only publishes the code and not the image :-(

  2. aswin says:

    Hi Alex,

    Go to wordpress Dashboard -> Widgets -> Text ( Arbitrary text or HTML) and paste the code. It has to work.. I did same, please try once.

  3. Joyce says:

    Yeah, these codes (iframe or XFBML) do not seem to work on widgets > text at :(
    I’m trying on my blog and it’s happening the same problem as Alex.
    It only Publishes the code and not the image.

    • aswin says:

      Hi Joyce,

      I haven’t tried on blog, I tried on wordpress self hosted blog, may be that is the difference

  4. Yogesh says:

    Thanks Aswin for sharing,
    worked for me ;-)

  5. Nice post. Simple and easy to follow.

  6. Thnx for writing this post Aswin..!!!!

  7. Thanx i tried it, but its not workin on my wordpress blog…
    Can u tell me wats wrong

  8. Thanx now its workin……

  9. The instructions dont work for me. it pastes the code when i use the XFBML, and posts nothing when I use the iframe code

    • Take care while placing the code in the text widget, directly copy from Facebook and paste it here. I use XFBML U can see that in the above picture

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