How to change Google Analytics login email address

Google Analytics provides User management so that the administrator can add another email ID to view his site statistics, using this user management, site admin can also manage to login with another email ID. Let us see how to add another email ID to your existing Google Analytics Account in detail.

Login to your Google Analytics Account

After you login, in the same page itself you can see User Manager as shown in the below figure.Click it

Google analytics User ManagersClick on Add user in the next page

Provide Email Address ( which you want to login from next time onwards ) and select access type as ‘Account Administrator’ and Click Save changes.

A Confirmation email will be sent to this email address with an activation link, once it clicked. You can able to login with this ( new )  email address.

How to allow people to view your Google Analytics stats.

This can be done using the same user manager in Google Analytics. Once you click Add User give email ID of the person who want to view your stats and in Access type select ‘View Reports Only‘ as shown in the below figure.

It will provide list of websites, click Add to allow viewer to view the stats of the respective website

Activation link will be sent to email address, once clicked he/she can able to view the stats of your website


  1. Thanks for the useful post. I searched alot about it & luckily found your post.. :-)
    Thanks again.. !

  2. thanks aswin helped a lot..before seeing this i thought of importing all the data and exporting it again..this a lot of tym.. :)

  3. f.y.i. you have to switch back to ‘old version’ to see the info from this post. There is no ‘user manager’ in the ‘new look’. Or at least, none obvious after looking for five minutes.

  4. But, how can we remove the old E-mail from Analytics ?

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