How to change the login email ID or address of your facebook account.

Is your facebook email address is different from your email, and other social networking sites ? Want to have seperate email address for facebook ? or want to change your facebook login emaail address for some other reason ? then this tutorial is for you. In simple steps you can change the login email id of your facebook account. Let us see how to do that

  1. Login to your facebook
  2. Click Account in right side top corner

  3. You can able to see Email as shown in the below image, click change

  4. Provide your new email details

  5. Enter your new mail ID, a pop uo window opens asking password provide it.
  6. A Confirmation email will be sent to your new email address.
  7. Just login to your email and activate that.
  8. Thats it, once you click the activation link in your mail, your facebook email login ID is changed

Any  any other ways  ?


  1. That’s a well-written nice post, you can as well login with your vanity url after getting the updated messaging system. ;)
    Link: How to log in with your vanity URL

  2. danielmasumi says:


  3. Any work around to use G Apps email with FB???

  4. hello sir,
    i forget my password,many timew i reset my password but doesnot success how can i reset my password .

  5. mehwish says:

    how can i transfer my yahoo id on facebook

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