Find MAC Address in Samsung Galaxy Tab2

MAC is a unique number given to any device which is connected to Internet.  Before stepping to know about how to find MAC address in Samsung galaxy tab2 we should know why should I find MAC address. MAC address is  assigned by the product designer  of a network interface card (NIC) and are stored in its hardware as the card’s read-only memory. If you are using wi-fi in your home, you can specifically provide internet to your tablet by knowing MAC address. Let us see how to find MAC address for Samsung Galaxy Tab2

Unlock your tab if it is locked.

Click on Time in the bottom of your screen and click on settings

Settings page will be open for your tablet as shown in the below figure.

Click on About link which will give information about your tablet as shown in the below figure.

Samsung galaxy tab 2 Mac Adress

In the page open click on

Samsung Mac Address galaxy tab 2


  1. Mark Munroe says:

    I couldn’t getting started on these directions because there is no “About Device” on the settings page. I definitely have the product you mention.

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