How to terminate the account in WHM cPanel

In one of my previous article I explained about how to create a new account in WHM Cpanel. By mistake if you did that wrong or if you want to terminate a already existing account this tutorial will helps you to terminate an existing account easily. Let us see how to terminate an account in simple steps.

Terminate account in WHM cPanel

Login to your primary account.

Go to WHM under Advanced as shown in the below figure.

WHM in Cpanel

In the right pane you will see list of options and account names under your WHM to terminate a account

WHM Terminate an account

In the right pane opened, select the account as shown in the above figure and click terminate which is under bottom of your screen. Make sure you are deleting the right account. Account once deleted means all the data, database and everything regarding the account will be lost. Account once terminated means you can get it back

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